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Kill Team - Mantis Warriors
Store did a small Kill Team event and I decided to paint space marines as break from all my Rats. I choose Mantis Warriors on account of having never seen Mantis Warriors on the table and thought it would be fun. They were, and while I ended with a even win/lose record it was still good times.

Army breakdown and Squad Backstory coming soon...

Mantis Warriors @ Games Workshop
Armies on Parade - Clan Cherno
My entry for Armies on Parade 2016 for Games Workshop. Had to be my Skaven they're all I've been working on lately. This is my first time making a proper entry, last year I entered at the last minute with no board and while I placed I never felt right about the whole thing. This year I did it right and got my but kicked. There were so many beautiful displays I couldn't ask for better competition. I learned so much from the experience and I met so many talented people. This is why I love this hobby. Onward to Armies on Parade 2017!

Photo was taken at the even, I'll try and submit a better picture later.
Skaven, Armies on Parade @ Games Workshop
Clan Cherno - Skaven Warpfire Thrower Weapon Teams
My jezzails may be my most hated unit but these guys are the real bringers of the pain as far as I'm concerned. Tunnel them in and their they are inflicting tons of wounds with only the slightest chance of them blowing themselves up. Its one of the things I love about Skaven: Get great results if your willing to gamble with your units lives. It works more often in your favor then not. True they rarely survive beyond their first or second turn on the board but thems the brakes. Both of these guys are salvaged from old Island of Blood sets. GW doesn't currently have a version of them available in its store.  I hope they release something soon. Their a pain to convert and I can always use more pyro-rats

Shaven Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team @ Games Workshop
Clan Cherno - Skaven Jezzails 2
Second squad of my Jezzails. Just like the last group, converted from storm vermin, kroot rifles with clan rats as shield bearers. I like how the conversion lets me be more dynamic with their posing, they aren't all standing in a straight ridgid gunline. they maybe snipers, but their still Skaven and uniformity is not what they do.

Skaven Jezzails @ Games Workshop


United States
"Not all who wander are lost, not all that are lost have truly wandered."

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By some quirk of fate my Dark Eldar tied for 3rd at Armies on Parade at my local Game Workshop. I can't really believe it myself, they were entered at the last minute. It makes me feel proud of my models and I hope use that keep be better as a painter and a hobbiest. Maybe next year I'll actually do an official entry. I do hear that heresy is coming....  
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