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Dark Eldar - Lelith Hesperax by Quiet-Lamp
Dark Eldar - Lelith Hesperax
The Queen of Knives needs no introduction.

It may be a long time before I run her as Lelith, for the low point games I see in the future she shall be a lowly succubus. Never the less it's still a great model.

Comments and Critiques are welcome!

Dark Eldar Lelith Hesperax @ Games Workshop
Dark Eldar - Reaver Jetbikes by Quiet-Lamp
Dark Eldar - Reaver Jetbikes
Known as the Scarlet Wake this band of Reaver Bikes are core members of the Cult of the Dark Below. Howling through the all but abandoned streets of Voz'rah the bikers are the spear tip of the Cults battleplan, attacking from unconventional angles and harassing outriders on the enemy flanks.

I always knew I was going to have Jetbikes in my Dark Eldar army. I hope to someday day have a second large blob and have them both charge around and cause some havoc, but that's a ways down the road. Why eight bikes? Because number nine got lost in my move leaving me a man down. Oh well.

Comments and Critiques are welcome!
Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes @ Games Workshop
Dark Eldar - Wyches by Quiet-Lamp
Dark Eldar - Wyches
The satellite realm of Voz'rah is on the verge of complete disjunction from the rest of Commorragh. Its webway portals are degrading and its population has fled for more stable locations to plot from. Its streets are slowly being eaten by shadow and prowled by things that have no names. And it is here that that the Wych Cult of the Dark Below makes its home. Officially based in there arena, known as the Cradle, the Wyches and their Allies have almost complete run of Voz'rah for there is no one left to oppose them. They take great delight in unpredictable instability of there home and thrive on pushing themselves against the seemingly endless horde of monstrosities that invade it. There may come a day when the realm completely collapses and takes them all into the darkness, but that's not today and today is a good day.

This particular squad is attached to Kabal of the Final Abyss, assisting the water stealing Kabalites and insuring that the cult gets their cut of the bounty. It is lead by Hekatrix Xymis.

I've always loved the wych models. I know there not exactly great in the current meta but I didn't paint them because I plan to win tournaments.

Comments and Critiques are welcome!

Dark Eldar Wyches @ Games Workshop
Imperial Knight - Mother of Invention by Quiet-Lamp
Imperial Knight - Mother of Invention
Story: The exact cause of this birth of this knight has been lost. It has been speculated that  In the distant past the Forge World of Cademous created it to maintain or gain the favor of a Knight house but for some reason it was never delivered. As a result the knight lay dormant and was all but lost all together in the civil war that led to the fall of Cademous as an Imperial Forge world and it's rebirth into the Dark Mechanicum stronghold of Cog-break.

Many centuries later Cog-break found itself under siege by a massive Imperial taskforce. Their calls for aid were unexpectedly answered by the recently turned renegade Knight House Naalsul. The Fallen Knight House engaged the imperial forces after securing promises of material and technical assistance. Unprepared for the war opening up on a new front the Imperial forces quickly lost ground and were eventually forced to abandon the planet.  In the post battle salvage operations the knight frame was uncovered in a seeming derelict portion of the Forge. Hoping to secure the Knight house as long term allies the ancient armor was gifted to them as a token of the Dark Forges gratitude. It was quickly added to the line of battle and becomes known as the Mother of Invention.

Her first and current pilot is Suo Tilmeraine. The bonding process had unfortunate side effects on the young knight pilot, whether as a result of the knight having never been bonded before or some cruel twist of its machine spirit the process ripped away much of Suo emotions. She is now coldly logical in nearly everything she does both on and off the field of battle, a shadow of a girl who was once full of boundless energy and emotional drive to preserve her knight house. While many see the Knight as cursed the devastation it brings to the enemies of House Naalsul can not be argued. 


Knight number two for my renegade knight house: Mother of Invention. When I saw this forge world model I knew I wanted one. The Knight Magaera may not be the best knight in the codex but i love its cycloptic head, lightning gun and tiered armor (Forge World: Update its claw rules so it can start throwing stuff!) She probably sees the least combat of my three knights (a little pricey point wise) but She's my favorite model in my collection.

Comments and Critiques are welcome!

Imperial Knight Magaera @ Games Workshop, Forge World
Imperial Knight - Freeblade - Binding of Gauis by Quiet-Lamp
Imperial Knight - Freeblade - Binding of Gauis
Story: Once known as "Thunder's Shadow" the Freeblade Knight was captured during an ill-conceived assault on the Dark Mechanicus stronghold on M'rams. The Heritecks began their dark work on the knight with its pilot still entombed inside, taking cruel pleasure at his screams as his knight was twisted and perverted around him. Before the process was completed the nearly broken pilot broke his knight free from it's restraints and fled into the toxic wastes that cover M'rams. Over the next several years, the knight launched a one man guerrilla war against the Dark Mechanicum, doing extensive damage to isolate outposts and convoys.

Years later House Naalsul, already turned renegade, launched their own assault on M'rams. Supported by a rival faction in the Dark Mechanicum they were were able outmaneuver M'rams' Forgemasters and secure their objective. At the peak of the fighting an unknown Knight Errant joined the battle in support of the fallen knight house. Whether it was the years of isolation or cruel experiments done to him, the Freeblade's unhinged mind saw House Naalsul as its fallen Knight brothers and swore to fight alongside them for helping it to avenge its honor.

Despite the risks, House Naalsul took in the Freeblade. While the knight is showing many of the signs of Chaos corruption it still fights with a similar shade of the dark honor that House Naalsul still clings too. And in these increasingly grim times one needs all the allies one can get, no mater how unhinged they may be. When asked for his name so it could be added to the rooster of the knight house, his cryptic response was: "I was once Gauis and this is my Binding."   
I wanted a Freeblade for my slowly growing Imperial Knight Army. I bought the kit shortly before the knights got their new kit so he's a conversion of the older kit. It's amazing what you can do with parts lying around in your bits box. He gets the most use out of any of Knights and I just love smashing land raiders and throwing them back at their owners. I really need to get a better camera and take a photography class.

Comments and Critiques are welcome!

Imperial Knights @ Games Workshop
Update: Now with backstory!


United States
"Not all who wander are lost, not all that are lost have truly wandered."

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Posting Aatrox marks the 100th LOL Character Ipod art! At this rate I may actually finish this project some day.

Also while I wasn't paying attention I reached over 400 watchers! I want to thank each and every one of you and I hope you all continue to enjoy my art. I love all of your feedback, suggestions and responses! Thank you all!

In celebration of these milestones I'm going to answer a question I keep getting: When will I do Skarner? Skarner was one of the first request I ever got and also one of the most common. So if he's so popular why haven't I done the art for him? The truth is: I did do it, I did it over a year ago and I have never liked how it turned out. If you've seen the tutorial I did on my art you know I use the League of Legends Splash art as the basis for my silhouettes, and while in color Skarner's is fine, as an outline I don't feel it works. It's blocky and doesn't give a good feel for the character, it just makes him look like a black blob (which is how most characters in my art look, but for him its particularly bad). I've tried a few different ways of correcting it and never liked the result.

With all the new splash art Riot's been releasing lately, I'm kinda hoping Skarner will get some love. His art isn't the worst but it's hardly the best. So if you've been asking for Skarner, here's your answer. You are not forgotten, I just don't feel I can do your character justice yet. Thank you for your patience.
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