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Clan Cherno - Skaven Warpfire Thrower Weapon Teams by Quiet-Lamp
Clan Cherno - Skaven Warpfire Thrower Weapon Teams
My jezzails may be my most hated unit but these guys are the real bringers of the pain as far as I'm concerned. Tunnel them in and their they are inflicting tons of wounds with only the slightest chance of them blowing themselves up. Its one of the things I love about Skaven: Get great results if your willing to gamble with your units lives. It works more often in your favor then not. True they rarely survive beyond their first or second turn on the board but thems the brakes. Both of these guys are salvaged from old Island of Blood sets. GW doesn't currently have a version of them available in its store.  I hope they release something soon. Their a pain to convert and I can always use more pyro-rats

Shaven Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team @ Games Workshop
Clan Cherno - Skaven Jezzails 2 by Quiet-Lamp
Clan Cherno - Skaven Jezzails 2
Second squad of my Jezzails. Just like the last group, converted from storm vermin, kroot rifles with clan rats as shield bearers. I like how the conversion lets me be more dynamic with their posing, they aren't all standing in a straight ridgid gunline. they maybe snipers, but their still Skaven and uniformity is not what they do.

Skaven Jezzails @ Games Workshop
Clan Cherno - Thanquol and Boneripper by Quiet-Lamp
Clan Cherno - Thanquol and Boneripper
The erratic Grey Seer and his enormous bodyguard go where they please. Occasionally they favor Clan Cherno with their presence.

The first and only "Big" model I run in my army Thanquol and Boneripper lead my army when the games get big. Ever since the General's Handbook came out he's seen less use, due to his high points cost but he still sees table time when I can squeeze in a match of free play or my opponent has brought something particularly nasty. They were the first model I finished painting for my Skaven and also are the only ones to still bear the caution stripes I was originally going to use in my paint scheme. Their colors are a little different to represent that they are Masterclan not Clan Cherno, their just here to reap the glory and to blame my Arch-Warlock when things don't work out.

I've only ever used him armed with the warpfire throwers, but I like the dynamic nature of the braziers so I used two of each. I believe the ruins at his feet are from the old LoTR Mines of Moria set, making it the only LoTR model I've painted to date.

Thanquol and Boneripper @ Games Workshop
Clan Cherno - Skaven Jezzails by Quiet-Lamp
Clan Cherno - Skaven Jezzails
One of four squads I run in my army. They are without a doubt the most hated unit in my army, with their long range and ability to inflict automatic mortal wounds. At least the warpfire throwers have to get into close range. I didn't like the current resin models so I made my own using mostly storm vermin and kroot rifles. I'm very happy with the results and they have served me well.

Skaven Jezzails @ Games Workshop
Clan Cherno - Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon by Quiet-Lamp
Clan Cherno - Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon
The heavy artillery for my Skaven army, and currently the only one in my Arkhspark Voltik Engine Coven for my Clan Skyre battalion. I'd like to get more but one is good enough for now. The lead artillery Skaven is missing an arm, in his little backstory he lost it when he tried to over charge the cannon one to many times. His skill with the cannon makes him to valuable to replace, as well as a series of artillery miscalculations that have vaporized his direct rivals.  In reality he lost it in a tragic "I needed that bit for another model" accident. I thought it gave him some character so he remains arm-less. 

Skaven Warp Lightning Cannon @ Games Workshop


United States
"Not all who wander are lost, not all that are lost have truly wandered."

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By some quirk of fate my Dark Eldar tied for 3rd at Armies on Parade at my local Game Workshop. I can't really believe it myself, they were entered at the last minute. It makes me feel proud of my models and I hope use that keep be better as a painter and a hobbiest. Maybe next year I'll actually do an official entry. I do hear that heresy is coming....  
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