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Imperial Knight - Mother of Invention by Quiet-Lamp
Imperial Knight - Mother of Invention
Knight number two for my renegade knight house: Mother of Invention. When I saw this forge world model I knew I wanted one. The Knight Magaera may not be the best knight in the codex but i love its cycloptic head, lightning gun and tiered armor (Forge World: Update its claw rules so it can start throwing stuff!) She probably sees the least combat of my three knights (shes a little pricey point wise) but Shes my favorite model in my collection.

Comments and Critiques are welcome!

Story: Coming Soon...

Imperial Knight Magaera @ Games Workshop, Forge World
Imperial Knight - Freeblade - Binding of Gauis by Quiet-Lamp
Imperial Knight - Freeblade - Binding of Gauis
I wanted a Freeblade for my slowly growing Imperial Knight Army. I bought the kit shortly before the knights got their new kit so he's a conversion of the older kit. It's amazing what you can do with parts lying around in your bits box. He gets the most use out of any of Knights and I just love smashing land raiders and throwing them back at their owners. I really need to get a better camera and take a photography class.

Comments and Critiques are welcome!

Story: Coming soon.... 

Imperial Knights @ Games Workshop
Dark Eldar - Raider - Iron Sound (WIP) by Quiet-Lamp
Dark Eldar - Raider - Iron Sound (WIP)
Fighting most often on water covered worlds the Kabal of the Final Abyss are even more dependent on dedicated transportation then most of their kin. Kabal attack waves are often lead by several kabalite filled raiders with escort, inflicting rapid strike and fade attacks on the enemies of the Dark Eldar. The Raider Iron Sound is just the newest craft to bare the name for the Final Abyss for the vehicles are just as expendable and replaceable as the crew itself.

My Kabalites needed a ride. Sadly a few minor parts were missing, but nothing that really distracts in my opinion. Still need to do some final cleanup work and finish the base. Also need to decide on the Kabal's logo so I can put it one the sail. Considering how bad I am at free hand, it should turn out interesting.

Dark Eldar @ Games Workshop
Dark Eldar - Kabalite Warriors (WIP) by Quiet-Lamp
Dark Eldar - Kabalite Warriors (WIP)
Commorragh is a thirsty city, both literally and figuratively. The Dark City's population rivals that of many populated solar system and all of its resources must be imported. The Kabal of the Final Abyss is one group that is responsible for bringing in the billions of gallons of water to quench the thirst of the Dark City. They are currently in the final stages of draining the former ocean world of Kakou in an isolated Tau Sept. With the alien resistance broken and the world all but completely barren, they are preparing to move on to other perspective targets.

I bought a Dark Eldar army a few years ago, but ended up getting distracted by other projects and shelving it. A friend recently started his on DE army and it inspired me to drag my models out and put some paint on them. They are hardly the strongest army right now, but I like their designs and that's all I really needed. Besides I don't really have the money to be buying new models anyway so Its for the best that I paint what I already have.

Dark Eldar @ Games Workshop
LOL Ipod - Jarven IV by Quiet-Lamp
LOL Ipod - Jarven IV
Hail to the Prince - Jarven IV, the Exemplar of Demacia!

Good news! - I'm not dead! After overcoming a move, new job struggles and a computer failure I return with the price so many of you have asked for! Hope you all like it!

Requested by: :iconerrolspike: :iconiazrael123: :iconjohnnytower: :icondoomer888::icon0mgacookie:
Jarven IV @ Riot Games
Please do not use my art without permission.


United States
"Not all who wander are lost, not all that are lost have truly wandered."

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Posting Aatrox marks the 100th LOL Character Ipod art! At this rate I may actually finish this project some day.

Also while I wasn't paying attention I reached over 400 watchers! I want to thank each and every one of you and I hope you all continue to enjoy my art. I love all of your feedback, suggestions and responses! Thank you all!

In celebration of these milestones I'm going to answer a question I keep getting: When will I do Skarner? Skarner was one of the first request I ever got and also one of the most common. So if he's so popular why haven't I done the art for him? The truth is: I did do it, I did it over a year ago and I have never liked how it turned out. If you've seen the tutorial I did on my art you know I use the League of Legends Splash art as the basis for my silhouettes, and while in color Skarner's is fine, as an outline I don't feel it works. It's blocky and doesn't give a good feel for the character, it just makes him look like a black blob (which is how most characters in my art look, but for him its particularly bad). I've tried a few different ways of correcting it and never liked the result.

With all the new splash art Riot's been releasing lately, I'm kinda hoping Skarner will get some love. His art isn't the worst but it's hardly the best. So if you've been asking for Skarner, here's your answer. You are not forgotten, I just don't feel I can do your character justice yet. Thank you for your patience.
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