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By some quirk of fate my Dark Eldar tied for 3rd at Armies on Parade at my local Game Workshop. I can't really believe it myself, they were entered at the last minute. It makes me feel proud of my models and I hope use that keep be better as a painter and a hobbiest. Maybe next year I'll actually do an official entry. I do hear that heresy is coming....  
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Posting Aatrox marks the 100th LOL Character Ipod art! At this rate I may actually finish this project some day.

Also while I wasn't paying attention I reached over 400 watchers! I want to thank each and every one of you and I hope you all continue to enjoy my art. I love all of your feedback, suggestions and responses! Thank you all!

In celebration of these milestones I'm going to answer a question I keep getting: When will I do Skarner? Skarner was one of the first request I ever got and also one of the most common. So if he's so popular why haven't I done the art for him? The truth is: I did do it, I did it over a year ago and I have never liked how it turned out. If you've seen the tutorial I did on my art you know I use the League of Legends Splash art as the basis for my silhouettes, and while in color Skarner's is fine, as an outline I don't feel it works. It's blocky and doesn't give a good feel for the character, it just makes him look like a black blob (which is how most characters in my art look, but for him its particularly bad). I've tried a few different ways of correcting it and never liked the result.

With all the new splash art Riot's been releasing lately, I'm kinda hoping Skarner will get some love. His art isn't the worst but it's hardly the best. So if you've been asking for Skarner, here's your answer. You are not forgotten, I just don't feel I can do your character justice yet. Thank you for your patience.
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Going to do a Wonderlocke play through of Pokemon X. Going to try to track my progress on Twitter. So follow if you want:

After I get Pokemon out of my system I'll try to get back to LOL art. Thank you for your patience.
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Hey everyone, if you art visiting the webstore at:…
Please do not buy anything, this person stole my designs for his/or her merchandise. I am in the process of getting the offending products taken down. Special thanks
to :iconsovietpancake: for bringing it to my attention. You are awesome!   
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I'm back all! Thank you for your patience; work, real life and other projects have been been keeping me real busy. I hope to start posting art regularly and not all of it will be league art this time. Hope you don't mind. Stay tuned and thanks again!
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First off, I hit 200 watchers! Thank you to everyone of you guys that follows me! You guys are the reason I keep doing this! It means a lot to me to know people enjoy my little line doodles. 

Unfortunately, the art is probably going to be on the slow side for the next month or so. My job is requiring a lot of travel, so I probably won't have much time for art, but I'll see if I can squeeze in a few pieces here and there. If you sent in a request, I got it and it will be done, I promise. Thank you for your patience and thanks for all the favorites. See you soon!
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First Karma, now Trundle and Sejuani are getting a re-boot. Honestly I felt all three of them needed it, but that's beside the point. Do you guys thinks I should do new Ipod art for those three characters? All three of them are already done, and I still have 30+ characters that need their first art piece. Regardless the old art will be staying in the gallery, I just find the new designs compelling and wanted to know if you think my art should get a re-boot to go with Riots. Any thoughts?
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Computer works again and Flash works again. Expect more art soon!
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Thanks you for 101 watchers! Its good to know that my art, no matter how simple, is worth looking at. Thank all of you. You really are the reason I keep doing what I do and promise more League of Legends Ipods are coming soon. Keep being awesome everyone!
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So for some reason my version of Flash no longer works. It crashes as soon as I open it, no mater what I do. Until I get the problem sorted there probably won't be any updates for a while. Please bare with me and thank you for all the favorites and followers!

Have a Happy Holidays and Great New Year!
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Been working on other projects, but I want to get back to working on the League of Legends Ipods. Does anyone have a Champion request? No promises but it will give me some targets to aim at, and that usually helps.
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Rumble will the last one in this Ipod project. If you don't see your favorite champion here, don't you worry more will be coming. I'm going to be doing it in waves, about 20 champions per wave. I might take a little break from and then get back to it. I'll post a link to the video when its complete. Hope you all have enjoyed these as much as I have enjoyed making them.
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People seem to like my Soul Eater Ipod project, so in celebration of the brainstorming session I had with my friends the other day I'm doing another one. This time I'll be fueling my current gaming addiction: League of Legends. Its fun, beautiful and has a ton of unique and interesting characters. I hope my watchers will enjoy this new project and don't mind me taking a break from drawing colorful marshmallows shaped like ponies. At least for right now...
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If its not obvious from the title, I didn't finish all 30 characters in the goal time frame. I could post some half finished sketches and say I finished. I could also make excuses, like how the holidays snuck up on me, or that work has been eating into my free time. I could do that, but I won't the truth is I just didn't make my goal. And that's ok.

In fact this challenge did what it was suppose to do: It got me draw and practice more. And I know it helped, looking at my sketchbook from the beginning of November to now, shows definite improvement. I only hope I can keep at it. I also walked away with several cool character ideas. I hope to keep pressing on and develop them further, maybe a webcomic or something.

Regardless, this was a very good experience and I will definitely want to participate again next year; hopefully as an official participate.
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While I was randomly wandering the internet, I stumbled upon an annual event. 30 Days, 30 Characters. Its not so much a contest as it is a challenge: Design a new character a day for 30 days.

I was enthralled. "What a great Idea." I said to myself. I've been needing an excuse to continue to draw, and this could be perfect. Working along side other people to be creative, sounds like a lot of fun. "I must enter this challenge!" I exclaimed. And quickly searched for the entry form. Starts on November 1st, ok, what day is it today? November 2nd...

Damn it.

No matter. Even if I'm not an official participant I still plan to keep pace. I met my last artsy goal with the Fan Art contest. This is a big step up form that, but I have faith.

1 Character down, 29 Days to go, Infinite ideas to come.
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Holy Crud, I'm actually posting some stuff! Trying to drag myself out of the doldrums I've fallen into. Trying to do a piece for a deviant art contest. With any luck I will be able to actually pull it off this time. Keep pressing on...
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I am now in the process of consolidating my previous DeviantArt Accounts. My previous account Oath-of-Oghma, has been neglected for the past several years. I barely put anything on it, so i decided to shut it down and start a new. I will be posting the handful of piece that did get put up along many more that I meant to but never got around too.

So for any Oath-of-Oghma watchers out there, (I know there were a few, god bless you): No, I didn't steal his work this is all mine, just a new name.

The first part is going to a delouse of Soul Eater Ipod pieces. Most taken from a Youtube video I made. But some are from it's unfinished sequel.
Lets try this again without the fail at spelling....